• Metropolis' first ever water treatment plant went online March 2002
  • Designed to treat and pump maximum of 4.0 million gallons per day
  • Source of supply is groundwater provided by three new wells
  • Treatment process involves the following: aeration, lime softening, iron removal, filtration, fluoridation, disinfection
  • Operates 24 hour per day, 7 day per week
  • Routine testing of treatment process and distribution system is performed in the laboratory at the plant
  • View our current Drinking Water Quality Report.
    This report will not be mailed, but copies are available at City Hall,
    106 West 5th Street, Metropolis, IL 62960

Distribution System

  • 525,000 gallon standpipe
  • 45 miles of water main
  • 260 hydrants
Industrial Park
  • 500,000 gallon elevated tank
  • 100,000 gallon ground storage tank
  • Booster pumping station
Storage Capacity (total of all tanks at the Water Treatment Plant, Distribution System, and Industrial Park)
2.275 million gallons.

The Metropolis Wastewater Operations

The Metropolis wastewater treatment facility is a 2.05 MGD Wastewater Treatment Facility. Primary and secondary bio-solids are stabilized by aerobic digestion. It has a bio-tower trickling filter facility with primary and secondary clarification.