The Metropolis Fire Department has a long and proud history of firefighting and serving the citizens of Metropolis, Illinois. The training and certification that our firefighters have received help us better serve the citizens of our community. The Department Firefighters are certified Firefighter 2 with the state of Illinois. The Department consists of 13 full time firefighters and 7 paid on-call firefighters, including the Fire Chief. Out of 13 full time firefighters, four are EMT certified and one is a certified paramedic, and they operate within the Metropolis Fire Department 1st Responder Team. Also, three firefighters are trained in Fire Cause and Origin and are detailed to the Arson Team.

The Metropolis Fire Department has a “SMOKE TRAILER” for demonstration purposes available to the public. Any organization, school, church group, etc. can contact Chief Jason Morris at (618) 524-2121 to set up a free demonstration. The purpose of the Smoke Trailer is to advance fire safety and preparation techniques. The Smoke Trailer is a useful tool in teaching both the young and old to find safety in a fire. The Smoke Trailer if filled with a non-toxic smoke and visitors are taken through an obstacle type course inside and let to safety. The demonstration is designed to make the public aware of fire safety, home fire prevention and the IMPORTANCE of establishing a safe escape route. The Smoke Trailer is at the Metropolis Fire Department and can be transported to any location.