City Council Committee :
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Finance Committee :

Responsible for financial matters of the city including budget preparation, major purchases, etc.
Committee members: Charles Barfield, Don Canada, Chuck Short, David McManus
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Water/Light/Street Committee:

Plans all infrastructure projects relating to matters of the water, light and street departments.
Committee members: Charles Barfield, Mike Hall, John Taylor, David McManus
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Industrial Committee:

Works closely with Economic Developer to attract new businesses and industry to Metropolis/Massac County. Plans projects relating to Industrial Park infrastructure.
Committee members: David McManus, Charles Barfield, Mike Hall, Don Canada
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Parks & Recreation Committee:

Works with Parks & Recreation Director to develop plan for recreational activities in Metropolis. Ensures that parks are kept in a safe and enjoyable manner for residents.
Committee members: John Taylor, Mike Hall, David McManus, Charles Barfield
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Police and Fire

Works with Police and Fire Departments regarding equipment purchases, construction projects, hiring of dispatchers and paid on-call firefighters. The hiring of Police Officers, Firefighters as well as promotions of full-time emergency personnel are the responsibility of the Board of Fire & Police Commissioners, a Board independent of the City Council.
Committee members: Chuck Short, Charles Barfield, Buford McGuire, John Taylor
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Claims Committee:

Reviews claims for property damage and personal injury possibly arising from city error. Determines liability and makes recommendation to full council for payment or denial.
Committee members: Buford McGuire, Chuck Short, Charles Barfield, Don Canada
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Environmental Committee:

Reviews matters relating to environmental issues.
Committee members: Mike Hall, Charles Barfield, Don Canada, Buford McGuire
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Condemned Buildings Committee:

Works on condemnation of substandard structures.
Committee members: Charles Barfield, John Taylor, Chuck Short, Buford McGuire
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Ordinance Committee:

Responsible for review of Ordinances prior to adoption by the City Council.
Committee members: Chuck Short, Charles Barfield, David McManus, Don Canada
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Insurance Committee:

Committee members: Charles Barfield, David McManus, David Bowman, Chris Carter, Julie Wind, Jerry Mizell, Chad Parker, JK Thomas, Carrie Rutherford, *Wilbur Lindsey